5 Best Demasculation Definitions For Today

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What is the demasculate definition?

What is demasculating or demasculation?

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How can a man be demasculated? Is this really a word? Clear up the confusion right here and now!

As many of you probably already know, once a slang word has been in use long enough it actually gains a definition.

There are slang dictionaries and urban dictionaries that bring clarification to words that are used on the street, but not taught in the schools.

The word “demasculate” and all of its forms, “demasculating”, “demascultation”, and “demasculated” are the perfect example of this.


Demasculate Definition #1: To remove a man’s masculinity.

This is not necessarily referring to the removing of a man’s genitalia (although it could), demasculating a man can be done in more than one way.

When a man is demasculated he is neutered of his masculinity either relationally, culturally, or socially.

Demasculate Definition #2: To undermine a man’s masculinity.

Demasculation happens when a man’s normal and cultural expectations of manhood have been undermined in any number of ways.

A relationship with a dominant female is the most common. This is demasculating both personally, and socially as often the man loses the respect of his peers.

Demasculate Definition #3: To make a man submissive or passive.

Sometimes this process of demasculating a man, or men, is done on purpose. Either there are cultural expectations in a female dominant society, or it can also be the result of the over-feminization of cultural stereotypes.

Women who feel inferior often over assert themselves in an effort to prove they are not, and try to demasculate the men around them. 

Demasculate Definition #4: To feminize a man.

Demasculating a man is what used to be called “sissifying” a man. At one point the words “sissy” and “sissifying” were not considered proper words either until their use became the mainstream. At which point the dictionaries were updated.

Demasculate Definition #5: To take away a man’s position.

In the average society and culture around the entire world, men are in the positions of leadership and dominance. It has been this way for thousands of years and is probably never going to change. It doesn’t really matter what feminists try to do about it, it is the tried and true law of nature.

Feminists have been trying to demasculate our culture since the 1960’s, and have been unsuccessful. That is because men are never going to stop being men. You simply cannot take away a position that nature gives.

We hope this article on demasculation has helped in your study.

For more information search the Urban Dictionary or the Defining Anything website. 

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