5 Practical Merry Month of May Tasks for Men

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The “Merry Month of May” is the threshold of Summer. Most guys I know are gearing up for outside activities, and family vacation time. We look forward to our break from winter and getting some sunshine.

5 Practical Merry Month of May Tasks for Men

Merry Month of May – Suggested Task 1: Get Your BBQ Tuned Up!

If you are a BBQ guy, and live in a well wintered region, now is a good time to get it all spruced up. Here are some thoughts on how to get that done:

  • The dirty work – use gloves and scrape the inside scraps and old drippings, and clean them out.
  • Fill up your propane tanks to the top, and check lines for leaks with soap and water.
  • Check burners for rust and clogs that might prevent fuel delivery.
  • Inspect BBQ tools and possibly buy a fresh grill brush.
  • Clean grilling surface and lightly coat with olive oil.
  • Make a grocery list, set a date, and invite some friends.

Merry Month of May – Suggested Task 2: Get Your Closet Clean and Smart.

There is much to be said for Spring cleaning. Some of you never pack up the winter clothes out of your closet, and some of you just haven’t done it yet. Here are some thoughts about it:

    • There is just something manly about having your closet space all clean and ready to accommodate you.
    • Get out the boxes or tubs, and pack up all the heavier winter clothes (leave a few lightweight things)
    • Donate all the clothes that you know you will never fit into again.
    • Get your Spring/Summer outfits front and center, ready to dress to impress with YOUR style!

Merry Month of May – Suggested Task 3: Dial in the Irrigation System.

If you have a lawn or garden, now is the time to get your irrigation system all ready for the growing season. Here are some suggestions.

  • Check and update your watering cycles time and duration per station.
  • Run a manual cycle to inspect water delivery and distribution.
  • Adjust sprinkler heads for efficiency.
  • Repair of replace any malfunctioning heads.

Merry Month of May – Suggested Task 4: Increase Your Electricity Budged for A/C Costs.

Obviously as the weather heats up, if you have air conditioning you are going to use it. This is a good time to start setting aside a little more cash to be ready.

    • Check you electricity bill to see how much you used last year in the next 3 months.
    • You may be able to reallocate some of your heating costs to offset the increase.
    • It might be a good idea to service your A/C and replace your filters, this will save you $.

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Merry Month of May – Suggested Task 5: Take the Family on a Bike Ride.

May is Bike Month. If you still have children in the home, it might be a good time to tune up the bikes and get them out riding. Here are some thoughts.

  • Tighten up loose parts on the bikes
  • Make sure the handle bars are tight, and the brakes are working perfectly.
  • Adjust the seat height if your children have grown.
  • Oil the chains with machine oil or lubricant.
  • Find a local bike path and take them there. Get the family out, and pack some snacks.

We hope this article will help you kick off the “Merry Month of May” ahead of the game!


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