Welcome, you’ve found it, the Active Manhood Blog – where we educate, encourage, and equip Christian men, for active biblical manhood and masculinity.

There is no shortage of Christian men today that want to be all that the Lord created them to be. But too often we lack the teaching, resources, and help that we need to become that man.

We are over-scheduled, stretched, and stressed, as we try to keep up with our God-given responsibilities in our marriage and family. That is why I created this website!

Here at Active Manhood, you will find a wealth of information and resources for Men’s Ministry Leaders, at your fingertips. We are here to assist you, and the men you minister to, in actively pursuing biblical manhood.

Active Manhood
Daren T. Dilts, and his wife Dana.

I grew up as a mountain boy in Big Bear Lake, CA, a small mountain resort community that is just as pleasant as it sounds.

There I gained a great love for the outdoors through hiking, fishing, camping and more. As the middle son between two brothers, with no sisters, our house was always bursting with testosterone.

Although my parents loved us all, I did not grow up in a Christian home.

I struggled personally with drugs and rebellion as a teenager.

But, at the age of sixteen, I came to know Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior, when a friend of mine brought me to a prayer meeting, that was held in the wood shop between classes. That began my journey as a Christian man, and I haven’t stopped living for the Lord since.

In 1989, I was married to my beautiful wife Dana, whom I personally led to Christ. She has been my constant companion through our endless adventures. I love adventuring, and for various reasons have traveled to over 35 countries now, and have preached the Gospel all over the world.

At the time of this writing, Dana and I have five wonderful children and two beautiful grandchildren. Being a devoted family man has been my greatest joy!Active Manhood

As a US Army veteran, I spent 7 years on active duty, and am a true patriot at heart. God, country, and family have been the primary focus of my entire adult life.

It is my sincerely held conviction that America needs God, and godly men, now more than ever.

My education is varied, I have a degree in Telecommunications, and worked as a leader in the internet industry for many years. I also studied Pastoral Theology, and now serve as a full-time pastor.

As a pastor, helping men with their marriages and families in difficult times, through biblical coaching and counseling, has been a constant.

Marriage isn’t easy, and raising children in today’s culture is a true challenge. It has been a real honor for me to invest my life in so many men, and their marriages and families.

Also, it has been a great privilege, to be personally discipled and mentored by a small handful of some Great Men of God, who shall remain unnamed. I am eternally grateful for their influence in my life.

It is my sincere hope, that you, your family, and your ministry to men, will benefit greatly from this website.

In His Grip,

Daren T. Dilts