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Harrys Razors have become quite a phenomenon in the new age of razors. If you aren’t interested in going with one of the new versions of the old school shaving systems, then perhaps these Harrys Razors Reviews will help you decide, and discover if Harry’s Razors are right for you.

The company began as a monthly shave subscription kit and in fact, you can still get their subscription kit delivered directly to your house every month if you go to their website. They have become quite popular which is probably why you have found this product review.

So without further adieu, let’s get right into some of the Harrys Razors Reviews.

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It used to be that if you wanted Harrys Razors you had to subscribe, but now you can even order them on Amazon and have them sent directly to your home that way as well. So, with them being more readily available we thought a fresh look at Harrys Razors reviews would be a good idea.

Harrys Razors Reviews – The Razors

Harry’s razors come in two different styles, The Truman, and The Winston.

Harrys Razors Reviews
Harry’s Classic Truman Razor – “Total Orange”

Harry’s “Truman Razor” comes with a very comfortable rubberized handle and textured grip that helps to prevent it from slipping. It has a weighted core that provides a natural balance, and it comes with the option of four different colors – Total Orange, Nautilus Blue, Olive 107, and Storm Gray.

We found that the original Harry’s Razor, “The Truman”, which started it all, is a well made quality razor that will hold it’s own against any competition.

We will consider the competition towards the end of this post. Here is an example of the “Olive 107” Truman Razor. This kit has all the same features in the razor but comes as a kit with 5 extra blade heads.

Harrys Razors Reviews
Harry’s Classic Truman Razor – “Olive 107”

Harry’s other razor, “The Winston” is a step up in quality from the Truman. It has a weighted die-cast zinc body that gives it a more executive feel. However, you will be unable to get this razor on any website other than Harry’s own.

Harrys Razors Reviews – The Blades

As we continue considering Harrys Razors reviews we definitely need to take some time to talk about the blades. After all, it is the ultimately the blade that gets the work done, and determines if this razor is really worth it. We think that it is a great blade.

These blades are engineered at their factory in Germany and made from the highest quality steel from Sweden. They have five blades that don’t miss a single thing. The head flexes to surround the curves of your face and deliver a better than average shave.

On the blade head, there is the typical lubricating strip that allows the blade to glide smoothly and soothe your skin, and there is also a precision trimmer for the hard to get areas, and closer attention to detail.
Harrys Razors Reviews – The Shave

To be honest the shave that is provided by Harrys Razors is on par with any of the other razor in its class. The five blades on the head, combined with the moisturizing strip, do a good job of getting a close and comfortable shave.

Whether you are shaving your stubble, your head, or your wife is shaving her legs with it, you will find that it does a good job of getting the job done.

Harrys Razors Reviews – The Competition

There seems to have been a bit of a razor battle going on over the last few years as subscription razors have come on the scene. This has led to new razor companies cropping up and making the availability on Amazon easily accessible, and it’s super easy to have Amazon send you razor refills for any brand automatically to your home every month.

This has really eliminated the need for having so many different subscription services from different companies for different things. Amazon has made it super convenient. You can pretty much anything delivered to you from Amazon on a recurring basis, including Harrys Razors.

Here are some of Harrys Razors competition that can be found, and delivered monthly straight from Amazon.

Harrys Razors Reviews – The CONS

No honest review would be complete with giving attention to some of the drawbacks for any product. While Harrys Razors are a great quality shaving product, there are a few things you should know that some of their customers have mentioned.

There have been some complaints that the blades don’t last as long as other products. A few customers have complained that if you have very fine hair that this product may cause a little bit of razor burn.

These complaints were very few and far between and don’t really reflect the overall high marks and great reviews that Harrys Razors normally receive. So, we don’t think there is any reason that you should be apprehensive about buying these great razors.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for taking the time to read through our Harrys Razors Reviews. After a thorough examination of their products, we think that they are higher than average quality, and will work great for practically everyone.

They are competitively priced, refills are easy to order from Amazon, and in fact, their entire product line is good quality and would be a fine addition to anyone’s bathroom counter.

Thanks again for checking out our Harrys Razors Reviews, and we hope that you get a great shave from whatever line of quality shaving products you decide to buy.


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